April 29, 2012

Let them eat...dog?

Last night's lavish White House Correspondent's dinner for the president, which I watched on CSpan, was heavy with Hollywood stars and its power people. Not a new thing, I suppose; after all, every president is entitled to bring his own arm candy to Washington's big events, this time at the Hilton in DC.

Lindsey Lohan arrived, her usual disorganized and puffed up and perky self wearing a too-big, braless black dress. I thought it was interesting that she was in the company of her attorney.

Soon a Kardashian ankled up, followed by a fabulous Sophia Vergara, and then a gorgeous Ivanka Trump. A few more hotties, all of whom seemed to be hanging out with Greta Van Sustern, swayed by the queue of reporters.

It began to look like a red carpet event at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. A gaggle of reporters and papparazzi consumed the arriving players with the most undemocratic and class burdened question of the evening: Who are you wearing?

The answers to this important, life saving query were put into time's lockbox for the inevitable discussions amongst the pop culture press for this weeks' publications. By the way, I did hear a Kardashian, maybe the mother, proclaim she was wearing Gucci shoes. You can quote me on that.

I suppose Gucci shoes are quite expensive, right?

Later after their meal was served--it looked like a small steak--the program began. Soon the president spoke.

Let me correct that. He didn't speak...he did a stand up comic routine. He belongs at Second City. Again, I mis-speak; he needs his own late night TV show! He's hysterical. In other words, he killed. (Romney should be advised that he's up against a banjo player,song and dance man, besides a sophisticated jokester.)

If the world-according-to-Barack weren't in such a mess, I'd be laughing my bum off just like those in the audience--Spielberg and Clooney, just like Goldie Hawn and some of the other Baby Boomer has beens--laughing, laughing, laughing.

Then came the other shoe: Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel's mostly read-out-loud monologue was an equal opportunity offender. He was funny, profane and pushed the limit. There were times he hit Obama, especially about dogs, but not enough to have him stood up against a wall and shot.

So, as these people ate and laughed, prepared for their after parties, I couldn't help but think of the millions of people in deep trouble--unemployed, seniors who have lost their life savings from the housing collapse; college grads who can't find jobs; the people who are facing foreclosure and bankruptcy; the single mothers who can't afford gas to get to work; unemployed and underemployed who have simply given up; these are the ones who are not being asked who they are wearing tonight.

I think there are even people who aren't eating dogs. They might be actually eating dog food.

Thanks for the read