December 3, 2012

War is Hell

WWII killed my grandfather, Adam.

No, he didn't participate in the Big One.  A veteran of the Spanish-American War, The Splendid Little War*, he fibbed about his age and enlisted one year too soon. A kid from a small town in Indiana, blown away by the pro-Americanism heroics depicted in Randolph Hearst's broadsheets, he knew his near future involved spreading liberty to folks on islands thousands of miles away.

Though he survived that war, it was the second World War that drove him to poor health as a result of the stress from seeing his three sons-in-law and one of his sons in two theaters of war at the same time. Reports from the family said he was always pacing and smoking, listening to the never ending war news on the radio, reading the papers, not sleeping well. It is sad that he was not to live until VJ Day. He died of a massive stroke in July of 1945.

This is a particularly poignant and rather ironic story because my grandfather, who also suffered recurring attacks of malaria caused from his tour in the Philippine jungles and was miserable half the time, grew up in an strident anti-war household. My great grandfather, whose early American ancestors were Quakers, informed Adam that if he went off to join the Army, he would not send Adam to college.

Come to find out, that hard, stiff-necked old man meant every word of it.

Adam's complete rejection of his father's values must have been a blow, especially considering that he became successful in spite of the conditional love his father "gave" him. Adam had everything going for him. When he returned, he became extremely successful and respected in the community.

We in the family always laugh and nod our heads at the political side of Adam (because we have the same Republican sensors to Democrats). He had a particular "dislike" for President Roosevelt, having lost his Republican appointment! I can't actually say what my grandfather called the president...

I never got to meet my grandfather. He died one month before I was born. However, I feel a distinct connection to him. They tell me he was a lean, elegant man six-foot-four, who resembled Ralph Bellamy. He was known for being quite sentimental and loved a good story. His humor superceded any grudges or personal anger (except for Roosevelt) that may have crossed his life path.

I so wish I had known him.

Meanwhile, I can only imagine my that Grandfather Adam would certainly be pacing the floor these days, considering the men and women who are engaged in current theaters of war. I can almost smell the smoke and hear him shouting at the radio right now--along with some pretty hard cursing along the way, "My God, they wouldn't do that, would they?! Those *$%#@^s!"

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*Frank Freidal and Mark Clodfelter
 Burford Books (January 4, 2002)
 ISBN-10: 1580800939
 ISBN-13: 978-1580800938 

October 23, 2012

Obama's Debate Pals: Me, Myself and I

President Obama brought his BFFs to the debate last night: his ego, his id and whatever is left of his preconscience.

Meanwhile, Governor Romney maintained his usual superior position taking Obama's insults and snide comments with good humor. I would have been tempted to slap someone when he insulted me as Mr. Obama had as he condescendingly cracked about the "new" Navy, informing the Governor that we don't use bayonets anymore. Of course, stupid Barack, bayonets are still used; but a quick study couldn't have picked up that little detail. And as far as those boats that go under the water? What a snotty, belittling response from the incumbent in a presidential setting. It wasn't clever; it was petty.

Regardless of the bullying manner from the president, Mr. Romney was able to clearly show how President Obama's feckless middle east policies have unraveled throughout the region. Naturally, just as Jimmie Carter did, he sits on his "accomplishments" in that part of the world as if they have worked! It fascinates me to see this corporate denial in action on the public stage;  however, such is part of the progressive response--exalting acts to be greater than they actually are--and minimizing their faults and moving on when they are in trouble. As if nothing really ever happened. That's why none of these people ever resign from anything. Usually. They have to pried out with a legislative crowbar.

Speaking of the disaster at Benghazi in which our four Americans were slaughtered because there was not a sufficient security force surrounding our embassy there, Romney preempted Obama by bringing the subject up first and basically voting "present," declining to speak forcefully on the matter. Because of this, Obama, on the other hand, couldn't attack the Governor. Excellent tactic for Mitt. Enough's been said anyway.

Along the way, the Governor presented a general four-point plan for assisting the middle east: economic development, better education, gender equality and rule of law.  He added that "We can't kill our way out of this mess..." Independents and most Republicans who are tired of war love hearing this. Those who worry about leaving Afghanistan too early did not get what they wanted last night from either candidate.

Governor Romney also got his licks in about Putin and Obama's unfortunate hot mic moment in which the President of the United States cozies up to the Premier of Russia, Medvedev and secretly, warm hand on his arm, whispers (paraphrased), "Tell Vlad that after my re-election, I'll have all kinds of latitude to do what I want." Mitt knows when to bring up these tidbits.

After more debate on Israeli relations, Pakistan, military spending, sequestration (President Obama actually promised it would NOT happen), and him trying to make sense of his administration's Iran policy (talking, talking, talking), the subject which seems to matter most is the following according to Governor Romney (and a way out of the middle east):
  1. North American energy independence
  2. Increase trade, especially in South America
  3. Training programs and schools that put kids first
  4. Balance budgets
  5. Champion small businesses (2/3rds of our jobs come from small businesses)
So. The choice is absolutely clear.

I won't be voting for Me, Myself or I.

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October 5, 2012

Obama brings knife to gun fight

I've always said if you get President Obama mad, you'll win the debate. It is a hallmark of a spoiled child: he gets angry easily if he doesn't get his way or if something goes wrong.

That's what Governor Mitt Romney accomplished Wednesday night when he eviscerated the president's rebuttals and empty explanations of his administration's failed policies. He got under the man's skin and exposed him for the first time publically.

Romney realizes it's that very temperment--that seething arrogance--that has helped put our nation in the impossible bind we find ourselves. We now are reminded when we see old 2002 videos of his early orations of black liberation theology, Reverand Wright included, in which Obama propounds his views of America as the white bitch that she is.

The anger which the president manifests in such screeds are accompanied with black y'all southern speak, which  further indicates the shallow nature of this man, always pandering to the crowd, always just loving the one he's with.

Wednesday night was the beginning of the undoing of the small, inexperienced man with the big ego and little real life knowledge--the man who calls Iran background art, and our allies simply art. He is a man who looks at our nation as a hanger on to the old ways, something he consideres archaic and inappropriate in his new world view, something to snort and sneer at. Something to defeat and transform into something most of us really do not want once we've seen what it is, having been delivered by the banjo strumming president.

The next three debates--two presidential and one vice-presidential--should provide even more insight into the regime that is running and ruining our lives. As importantly, we look forward to cogent, realistic policy from a changed Republican party who has come to know what the priorities are facing our nation. I believe we have the opportunity to finally elect a candidiate we can feel enthusiastic about and trust enough to tell us his truth, as well as our own. The left in this country has defined the Republicans for far too long, so much that it's really difficult for the non-politically inclined to recognize the right, middle or left of the GOP.

The prepared and aggressive Mitt Romney went a long way in telling us who he is and many times, reminding Obama that he was not the man the tenacious, fibbing president insisted he was. It became amusing after a while: Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes? Even more amusing is that the president continued the next day by saying the real Mitt Romney did not show up on Wednesday night.

But then, being a Democrat is never having to say you're sorry...or wrong...or off base...or have lied...or have misled....or that you're really angry...

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June 16, 2012

Rand Paul: Happy Father's Day, Pop!

By throwing his support to Governor Mitt Romney, Senator Rand Paul is spending his father's, Congressman Ron Paul's political capital. The large part of Ron's supporters, Tea Partiers, don't like it.

They've been gnashing their teeth now for about a week since it happened. I wish I could help them in their pain. In fact, I feel their pain. (It goes with the territory and usually is accompanied by another unpleasant event: compromise.)

Yep. There. I said it. Compromise. Politics is all about the act and management of change--and compromise.

What some of the Paul supporters seem to fail to understand/face is their own political reality and that some is always, always better than none. Since many of Ron's supporters are new to activism, some will hang on till the last dog has died and will go down screaming. Such is the sad, but inevitable process of becoming aware of the constant need to find a way to compromise while still getting one's way--hopefully.

I call it getting your heart broken. I believe it happens to every political neophyte who puts his heart and soul into a political cause and/or star. And break your heart these people and causes will! They always do.

Some of my friends and family have urged me to vote for Ron Paul for this reason and that and simply can't understand why I won't. The reason, of course, is that I'm not a Libertarian. I am a Republican and always will be. Even when I wasn't one, I was still a Republican inside.

Rand Paul is also a Republican by instinct. Now he's essentially put his Dad's Libertarian primary delegates as an ante in a bid to become vice-president; after all, that's what this endorsement for Mitt Romney was all about. If the Tea Partiers don't appreciate the tremendous advantage of that, they don't understand the basics of ambition and gaining power. Why they would turn their backs on Rand now is beyond me. His voting record certainly has been solidly Tea Party, neither has he let them down.

Ron's hard won delegates are best parlayed in the most advantageous manner, regardless of Rand's personal ambitions. I realize they are not Rand's to give technically. However, Ron Paul will be hard pressed not to send all of them to Governor Romney if his own son is on the ballot.

The best Father's Day Rand can give Pop is a fulfilling legacy that some of his libertarian and Tea Party ideals might be brought into Romney policy debates. Indeed, Paul supporters should be proud of the Pauls' political instincts.

Moreover, regardless of the Tea Partiers' disappointment, the Pauls understand it's time we come together to defeat Barack Obama before all else.

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June 8, 2012

I'll Have Another won't

Planet 2009: Mine That Bird

The sad news that the Triple Crown candidate, I'll Have Another, came up lame today reminded me of another claim horse, Mine That Bird, who was oh-so-close back in 2009. I wrote about him and how his story struck a nerve with me inspiring me to write about my horsing around.

I'm sharing that today with my new readers in hopes we can become better acquainted.

Meanwhile, I'll Have Another is a horse with heart and guts who was a claim winner and whose owner is from California. He'll doubtless retire.

Hope you enjoy the old article. Just click on above. Racehorses I have known.

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GOP, Unite around the following

Downplay social issues:
  • Abortion/free birth control at religious facilities--tell people of faith not to be bullied into changing one's conscience. The assault on religious freedom is not lost on me, but it will always play on the minds of Republicans. We must regain power to do something about it.
  • Gay marriage--why not acknowledge civil unions?
  • Other ridiculous, infantile arguments the Left continues to throw at us that WE JUST DON'T care about. They must be stopped from defining the issues.
  • Ignore personal attacks and respond with FACTS unless the attacks are so outrageous that the response must be in kind. Then let them have it with both barrels. They deserve what they put out. As I said, these people are bullies; stand up to them. They almost always back down.

Focus on economics, Obama's lack of leadership and our loss of prestige in the world:
  • Out of control spending
  • Lowering taxes
  • Unemployment
  • Ryan Plan
  • Public union excesses and abuses
  • Debacles in Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan
  • China's stunning dominance in world of finance
  • Can't you think of much more?
Things not to do

DO NOT get into the vetting process of Obama. Do not become whipsawed by surrogates who are currently taking him to the woodshed over his Leftist past, etc.

Do allow the Truthers, Birthers, et al. to have their way with him; they're not really Romney's friends anyway--they want Ron Paul--and stay out of those controversies. There are plenty of other issues to bring the regime down. Those constant drumbeats have their effect.

Pick a fantastic running mate

I am a fan of Allen West, Congressman from Florida. (Take my poll and let's get some grass roots info for the elites to chew on.)

Laughing, laughing, laughing...and winning

And lastly, humor is the best weapon (and medicine). There's so much to laugh at in this administration and we need to point and snicker.

And don't forget to drink your tiger milk, Republicans!

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June 5, 2012

Clintons v Obama

They smell the familiar scent of political blood--Obama blood.

But is the old girl, Secretary of State Clinton, up to usurpation these days? Heaven knows she's seen dictator after dictator taken down and knows the psychology of men on the run. Heck, she must tell herself, moving this guy out would be like picking up roadkill.

Bill's flummoxing around with terms like "sterling" and "good work" when he's referring to President Obama's opposition, Mitt (the Mittens) Romney and his time at Bain Capital, sends Obama into orbit and helps Hillary immensely.

More to come. After all, Bill's double jointed attacks are infamous. Remember who we're dealing with. Recalling that Bill's a perfectly good flummoxer, the whole Democrat side could be upended in a matter of two or three weeks if these two decided they wanted to be king and queen again. It's simply a matter of choice. Much depends on just how much they despise Barack Obama, which started when Obama played the race card on Mrs. Clinton during the presidential campaign. Bill Clinton doesn't give up grudges easily.

One gets the feeling they've been waiting for this very moment and are up to something. The Clintons are like sharks; when they lose their teeth, they simply grow new ones.

Besides, Mrs. C, has grown out her hair into a severe horsetail pullback--excellent for classic imagery on coinage.

And Bill? Well, we all know where his head is at--er, uh, nevermind.

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April 29, 2012

Let them

Last night's lavish White House Correspondent's dinner for the president, which I watched on CSpan, was heavy with Hollywood stars and its power people. Not a new thing, I suppose; after all, every president is entitled to bring his own arm candy to Washington's big events, this time at the Hilton in DC.

Lindsey Lohan arrived, her usual disorganized and puffed up and perky self wearing a too-big, braless black dress. I thought it was interesting that she was in the company of her attorney.

Soon a Kardashian ankled up, followed by a fabulous Sophia Vergara, and then a gorgeous Ivanka Trump. A few more hotties, all of whom seemed to be hanging out with Greta Van Sustern, swayed by the queue of reporters.

It began to look like a red carpet event at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. A gaggle of reporters and papparazzi consumed the arriving players with the most undemocratic and class burdened question of the evening: Who are you wearing?

The answers to this important, life saving query were put into time's lockbox for the inevitable discussions amongst the pop culture press for this weeks' publications. By the way, I did hear a Kardashian, maybe the mother, proclaim she was wearing Gucci shoes. You can quote me on that.

I suppose Gucci shoes are quite expensive, right?

Later after their meal was served--it looked like a small steak--the program began. Soon the president spoke.

Let me correct that. He didn't speak...he did a stand up comic routine. He belongs at Second City. Again, I mis-speak; he needs his own late night TV show! He's hysterical. In other words, he killed. (Romney should be advised that he's up against a banjo player,song and dance man, besides a sophisticated jokester.)

If the world-according-to-Barack weren't in such a mess, I'd be laughing my bum off just like those in the audience--Spielberg and Clooney, just like Goldie Hawn and some of the other Baby Boomer has beens--laughing, laughing, laughing.

Then came the other shoe: Jimmy Kimmel.

Kimmel's mostly read-out-loud monologue was an equal opportunity offender. He was funny, profane and pushed the limit. There were times he hit Obama, especially about dogs, but not enough to have him stood up against a wall and shot.

So, as these people ate and laughed, prepared for their after parties, I couldn't help but think of the millions of people in deep trouble--unemployed, seniors who have lost their life savings from the housing collapse; college grads who can't find jobs; the people who are facing foreclosure and bankruptcy; the single mothers who can't afford gas to get to work; unemployed and underemployed who have simply given up; these are the ones who are not being asked who they are wearing tonight.

I think there are even people who aren't eating dogs. They might be actually eating dog food.

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