June 8, 2012


GOP, Unite around the following

Downplay social issues:
  • Abortion/free birth control at religious facilities--tell people of faith not to be bullied into changing one's conscience. The assault on religious freedom is not lost on me, but it will always play on the minds of Republicans. We must regain power to do something about it.
  • Gay marriage--why not acknowledge civil unions?
  • Other ridiculous, infantile arguments the Left continues to throw at us that WE JUST DON'T care about. They must be stopped from defining the issues.
  • Ignore personal attacks and respond with FACTS unless the attacks are so outrageous that the response must be in kind. Then let them have it with both barrels. They deserve what they put out. As I said, these people are bullies; stand up to them. They almost always back down.

Focus on economics, Obama's lack of leadership and our loss of prestige in the world:
  • Out of control spending
  • Lowering taxes
  • Unemployment
  • Ryan Plan
  • Public union excesses and abuses
  • Debacles in Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan
  • China's stunning dominance in world of finance
  • Can't you think of much more?
Things not to do

DO NOT get into the vetting process of Obama. Do not become whipsawed by surrogates who are currently taking him to the woodshed over his Leftist past, etc.

Do allow the Truthers, Birthers, et al. to have their way with him; they're not really Romney's friends anyway--they want Ron Paul--and stay out of those controversies. There are plenty of other issues to bring the regime down. Those constant drumbeats have their effect.

Pick a fantastic running mate

I am a fan of Allen West, Congressman from Florida. (Take my poll and let's get some grass roots info for the elites to chew on.)

Laughing, laughing, laughing...and winning

And lastly, humor is the best weapon (and medicine). There's so much to laugh at in this administration and we need to point and snicker.

And don't forget to drink your tiger milk, Republicans!

Thanks for the read.

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