June 16, 2012

Rand Paul: Happy Father's Day, Pop!

By throwing his support to Governor Mitt Romney, Senator Rand Paul is spending his father's, Congressman Ron Paul's political capital. The large part of Ron's supporters, Tea Partiers, don't like it.

They've been gnashing their teeth now for about a week since it happened. I wish I could help them in their pain. In fact, I feel their pain. (It goes with the territory and usually is accompanied by another unpleasant event: compromise.)

Yep. There. I said it. Compromise. Politics is all about the act and management of change--and compromise.

What some of the Paul supporters seem to fail to understand/face is their own political reality and that some is always, always better than none. Since many of Ron's supporters are new to activism, some will hang on till the last dog has died and will go down screaming. Such is the sad, but inevitable process of becoming aware of the constant need to find a way to compromise while still getting one's way--hopefully.

I call it getting your heart broken. I believe it happens to every political neophyte who puts his heart and soul into a political cause and/or star. And break your heart these people and causes will! They always do.

Some of my friends and family have urged me to vote for Ron Paul for this reason and that and simply can't understand why I won't. The reason, of course, is that I'm not a Libertarian. I am a Republican and always will be. Even when I wasn't one, I was still a Republican inside.

Rand Paul is also a Republican by instinct. Now he's essentially put his Dad's Libertarian primary delegates as an ante in a bid to become vice-president; after all, that's what this endorsement for Mitt Romney was all about. If the Tea Partiers don't appreciate the tremendous advantage of that, they don't understand the basics of ambition and gaining power. Why they would turn their backs on Rand now is beyond me. His voting record certainly has been solidly Tea Party, neither has he let them down.

Ron's hard won delegates are best parlayed in the most advantageous manner, regardless of Rand's personal ambitions. I realize they are not Rand's to give technically. However, Ron Paul will be hard pressed not to send all of them to Governor Romney if his own son is on the ballot.

The best Father's Day Rand can give Pop is a fulfilling legacy that some of his libertarian and Tea Party ideals might be brought into Romney policy debates. Indeed, Paul supporters should be proud of the Pauls' political instincts.

Moreover, regardless of the Tea Partiers' disappointment, the Pauls understand it's time we come together to defeat Barack Obama before all else.

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