June 5, 2012

Clintons v Obama

They smell the familiar scent of political blood--Obama blood.

But is the old girl, Secretary of State Clinton, up to usurpation these days? Heaven knows she's seen dictator after dictator taken down and knows the psychology of men on the run. Heck, she must tell herself, moving this guy out would be like picking up roadkill.

Bill's flummoxing around with terms like "sterling" and "good work" when he's referring to President Obama's opposition, Mitt (the Mittens) Romney and his time at Bain Capital, sends Obama into orbit and helps Hillary immensely.

More to come. After all, Bill's double jointed attacks are infamous. Remember who we're dealing with. Recalling that Bill's a perfectly good flummoxer, the whole Democrat side could be upended in a matter of two or three weeks if these two decided they wanted to be king and queen again. It's simply a matter of choice. Much depends on just how much they despise Barack Obama, which started when Obama played the race card on Mrs. Clinton during the presidential campaign. Bill Clinton doesn't give up grudges easily.

One gets the feeling they've been waiting for this very moment and are up to something. The Clintons are like sharks; when they lose their teeth, they simply grow new ones.

Besides, Mrs. C, has grown out her hair into a severe horsetail pullback--excellent for classic imagery on coinage.

And Bill? Well, we all know where his head is at--er, uh, nevermind.

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Anonymous said...

You've found the "button"! Perhaps Hillary will be the Ross Perot in 2010

Andrea Margot Hall said...

Only this time, it will be Romney who wins with only 43% of the vote! Yay!